Legends Of Erin

Legends take Written Form

By Stephanie Thoth


  Explore a world of banshees, leprechauns and goblins with up-and-coming author Meadow Griffin.

Griffin's creative spark was ignited growing up during an era of fantastical creatures and fairy tales populating the big screen and story books. Born to a young mother, Griffin was homeschooled and exposed to reading early with books such as "Lord of the Rings". She had an epiphany that would changer her life. "I found that writing was even better than reading," she said.


  At 17 years old, Griffin fell upon her inspiration while comforting her two young brothers. While driving down the mountain from Big Bear Valley in a storm, Griffin told a tale about two boys who passed through a magic mirror in a castle. Her brothers were so impressed by the story, they asked Griffin to write it down so they could hear it again later.

Griffin began developing the story and wrote down secrets to hide in her compilations. The main characters, Fadin and Tase, were fashioned after her brothers. The story morphed into a planned series entitled “Legends of Erin”.


  The first book, “Legends of Erin: Beyond the Castle Door”, was written and illustrated in 2008 in Big Bear Valley. Griffin, whose original path involved zoology, was volunteering at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. “Since the story is set in Ireland, the nature and woods around me set my imagination of fire,” she said.


  A fairy tale unfolded with realistic undertones. Fadin and Tase are twins who suffer the loss of their father in a car accident and relocate to live with their aunt who resides in an Irish castle. When the boys dig into their past they find their father was half-leprechaun and set out to search for the magical truth.


  The story was submitted to author/editor William Greenleaf who returned her first draft with a 20-page critique. Griffin was 19 years old by the time the manuscript, which had doubled in size, was completed and ready for submission.

Olympia Publishers, a publishing house in London, England, picked up the book and the rest is history. As a matter of fact, the second book, “Legends of Erin: Towards the Restless Winds”, is already in the editing process.


  Griffin, now 22 years old, has written half of the first draft of the third book in the “Legends of Erin” series. She educates through school assemblies and teaches Teen Writers Boot Camps to aspiring young authors.


  Griffin can be found signing and selling copies of her novel, along with other trinkets spurred from the book, at Saturdays in the Village, at Dream Light Designs on Pine Knot Avenue.